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Hair Transplant

Best Hair treatments in Hair Wellness Clinic with Top hair transplant Dermatologist doctors

Hair Transplantation is a medical intervention that helps overcome baldness. In Hair transplantation hair follicles are extracted from the scalp and implanted into the areas where the hair is thinning, receding or bald.

HWC offers effective Hair transplant treatment in association with the most proficient and experienced hair transplant surgeons in the country.

Hair Transplant Procedure

  • Stage 1
    Planning & Hairline Design
  • Stage 2
    Graft Counting & Consent form
  • Stage 3
    Donor Area Trimming & Local Anesthesia
  • Stage 4
    Recipient Site Creation or Slit making
  • Stage 5
    Follicular Extraction
  • Stage 6

Hair transplant types

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) or follicular transfer (FT) Hair transplantation with best hair transplant surgeons in kerala

This is a medical technique that will help you get relieved of baldness. In late 90’s a technique was developed to regrow the lost hair count using the patient's own follicular unit. This technique is known as follicular unit extraction or follicular transfer (FT)

In this technique our hair transplant surgeon extracts follicular units from the donor area one at a time. These extracted follicular grafts are harvested one by one using a small punch. The procedure does not require an incision anywhere on the scalp saving the patient from any kind of inevitable scar. This technique is associated with faster healing time and less invasive nature makes it one of the most popular hair treatments nowadays.

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Bio Fue Hair Transplant

This is an advanced version of FUE hair transplant that combines FUE and platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy.

The Bio FUE hair transplant results are faster than the conventional treatments.

The quality of transplanted hair will also improve with this technique.

In this technique our hair transplant surgeon performs FUE hair transplantation along with PRP therapy which will enhance transplanted hair growth by presence of high concentration growth factors near the hair roots

PRP poses no danger of allergic, hypersensitivity or foreign body reactions because it is derived from patients own body

In this technique extracted follicles are preserved in a special solution enriched with patients' own growth factors. Our associate partner Dermaclinix is the pioneer of this treatment in India.

We prepare PRP with a specialised technique ensuring very high growth factors which is confirmed by advanced lab tests.

Bio Enhanced Simultaneous Transplant (B.E.S.T)

This is a patent technique by our associate partner Dermaclinix. This is a sure shot solution to overcome baldness and get a fuller scalp. In Bio enhanced Simultaneous transplant our hair transplant surgeons perform FUE where in energy in the form of Liposomal ATP is also simultaneously supplied. It not only ensures the longer life of extracted hairs but also the grafted hair will not fall.

Know the Hair Transplant Cost & Number of Grafts You Require

Hair Graft and Hair Transplant cost in Hair wellness clinic


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