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HWC Cosmetic Hair Addition


Hair Wellne Clinic for transplanted hair
Hair Wellness Clinic’s non-surgical hair replacement is a state of the art restoration procedure adopting the latest technology. Hair replacement provides the flexibility to treat areas of baldness that are large and small People who have a major hair thinning problem or have been affected by baldness can choose this option as it does not damage your existing hair since the solution can be customised for a specific area. Hair replacement provides a convenient lifestyle solution as it need to be removed only when maintenance is required and it is comfortable to use while sleeping, taking a shower or another other activity that one would do when you had your own hair.

The procedure involves customizing hair units in order to match the client's existing hair colour, pattern and hair density. The units are then placed on the scalp using medical grade adhesives that last for about 2-4 weeks. Once the adhesive wears out the hair units are cleaned and the adhesive reapplied. The entire procedure can take anywhere from 1 week to 12 weeks to develop these hair systems depending on the area that needs to be covered.

This procedure provides the best visible result among all non- surgical methodologies - undetectable by sight and to a great extent by touch. Clients who have thinning hair or else affected by baldness may opt for this option as it does no damage to existing hair and is customizable.

Clients are advised to procure a pair of hair units that may be used alternatively, increasing their life span and also act as a backup in case one needs to be repaired or services. Lifespan of a pair of hair systems is 2-3 years. According the Norwood Scale hair replacement is advisable for male clients with stage 3 baldness onwards and stage 2 and above for women. Men with stage 2 baldness and thinning hair may also avail of this procedure.


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